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U12 Recreational Soccer

So what is “recreational” soccer? - Recreational soccer is, typically, an intraclub league that provides its participants the opportunity to learn the game of soccer, get exercise, gain new life skills and, most importantly, have fun.  We are proud to provide a recreational program which offers a fun, safe, and rich soccer experience for our youth in Three Rivers Athletic Club and the surrounding areas.  TRAC Soccer is a volunteer run organization that relies on, mainly, parents/adults to continue leading and improving the program.

  • All U12 games are currently played at Badger Creek Park in Cherokee county, with a possibility of one or two home games.
  • Teams generally practice two times a week with games on Saturdays; occasionally there will be a Sunday afternoon game.
  • All players will need to get a Size 4 soccer ball.
  • All Practices will be at the TRAC fields off of soccer field road.


    · Teams in the U12 age group will be divided into separate leagues for boys and girls.

    · Roster Size: 12 players.

    · Players on field: 9v9 including goalkeepers.

    · Ball Size: 4.

    · Field Size: Approx 80 yards x 60 yards.

    · Goal Size: 6 feet x 18 feet.

    · Coaches ARE REQUIRED to have  game cards. Game cards should be any printed document with first and last names of each player printed. The template for this may be unique to each club. .

    · Game Duration: 2 halves, 30 minutes each. 5 minute half-time.

    · Free Subs (at GA Soccer regulated stoppage of play; e.g., goal kicks, throw-in’s offensive teams may substitute, etc.).

    · Players should be at midfield and off the playing surface until the center referee indicates they may enter the field of play.All players must play 50% of each half and preferably ¾ of a game.

    · Offside rule will be in effect.

    · Penalty kicks will be taken at a spot 8 yards from the goal line.

    · Throw-ins will be utilized to restart play when ball goes over touchlines.

    · Goal Kicks: placed in goal area.

    · One center referee and two assistant referees will be scheduled to officiate each game. Club linesmen may be requested by away team in the event of one or zero AR’s.

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